NEW MUSIC: "Made Me A Man" Available Now!

Todd's latest single, 'Made Me A Man' is available now on iTunes and Spotify. Check it out now and share with your friends! While you're at it, make sure you take a listen to Todd's other July singles, 'Because of You' and 'If You're Not In It'. 

"'Made Me A Man' is a pretty meaningful song to me. I started writing it about my oldest daughter, which then turned into a song about 3 events in my life that shaped who I am today. The 1st verse is about the death of my grandfather. The 2nd verse is about the day my father, who is a police officer, was shot in the line of duty and the months of repair that came after. The 3rd verse is about the birth of my oldest daughter, also the original 1st verse. The album art to me, is the shining moment of this song. I was at home in Indiana looking through photos and found the picture that is now the cover art.

The story behind it: It's a picture of my mom, taken by her friend, during the 1st date between her and my dad. She's sitting shotgun in his mustang. I started to write a song to go with the photo and then realized the photo would be the 4th important life event that made me a man, my mother and her raising me. 

While this song is very specific, I feel like anyone can relate to it. We all have those moments in our lives. I hope you agree and can relate to 'Made Me A Man'. I still get emotional every time I sing this song and always will. Cheers! Thank you and enjoy." - Todd